ICE-O 2020

Next ICE-O will be 7-9th August 2020

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Icelandic Mountainguides

Icelandic Mountain Guides is a leading Iceland tour operator with over twenty years of experience servicing clients from all over the world.The IMG tour company offers a great selection of guided adventure tours in Iceland and Greenland, including hiking, glacier tours, backpacking, trekking, mountain climbing, ice climbing, cross country skiing and more. There is a tour for people of all levels. If you or your travel group is looking for a specialist in the wilderness of Iceland or Greenland, one that emphasizes cooperation, environmental sustainability and safety then, Icelandic Mountain Guides is the tour operator for your next Iceland vacation.


Arctic Running

Arctic Running offers running tours for those looking for a vacation in Iceland, to experience the pure Icelandic nature and to be able to exercise each day as well. Our tours allow the participants to enjoy trail running in Iceland whilst exploring the environment and its beautiful nature.



Olís sérhæfir sig í sölu og þjónustu með eldsneyti auk ýmissa nauðsynjavara fyrir bíleigendur, vörum til útivistar og ferðalaga ásamt fjölþættri þjónustu við sjávarútvegs-, verktaka- og flutningafyrirtæki um land allt.


Dohop was born in 2004, out of the lack of a proper way to find and connect flights online. We didn’t invent the wheel or anything, but we did create a pretty neat flight search that has some very unique features. At heart, Dohop is simply a search engine, much like Google, except only for flights. We search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places, and then we search for the best prices for those routes. We also find rental cars and hotel rooms, cheaper than most. - See more at: