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  1. leigh privett says:

    1 aussie coming to your event
    any kangaroos in the bush ???

  2. Tatiana Kalenderoglu says:

    Dear organisers,
    We are 3 orienteers from Istanbul and we want to join your competitions at the end of June.
    The website does not look very up to dated.Could you please inform us if competitions are going to be at those dates? If yes could you register us for the competitions? Can we pay upon arrival?
    We are
    Tatiana Kalendeoglu W adult
    Pinar Basol W adult
    Ali Basol M adult

    I will be glad to have an informtion from you, so we can arrange our tickets.

    Best Regards,
    Tatiana Kalenderoglu

    • Dana says:

      Dear Tatiana,
      find the information, including dates, at this link: INFORMATION
      and the registration is open here: REGISTRATION
      Payment in cash should be possible, write this in notes in the registration form and we will contact you in case of any problems.
      We are really looking to seeing all three of you at ICE-O 2015.

  3. Kasper Gabs Hansen says:

    Hello Ice-O.

    Still available basic accommodation at a local scout club house named Jötunheimar?

    Best regards

    Karen and Kasper from Nuuk Orieentering

    • Dana says:

      Dear Karen and Kasper,
      yes, there is still place for you at the accommodation.
      Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. Christian says:

    When will start lists be available? And where can they be found?
    Looking forward to the races!

    • Dana says:

      Dear Christian,
      I hope to publish the start list latest tomorrow evening, together with the second, final, information letter.
      You should receive both by e-mail. They will also be published from this webpage.

  5. Kjell says:


    Do you have the dates for ice-O and Natloc summer 2016?


    • Gísli Jónsson says:

      Sorry for the late reply. But the NATLOC/ICE-O event will be 11-14th of August. We will soon post more information on our webiste about the event.
      best regards

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