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  • Our latest nation at ICE-O

    We would like to welcome Canada til ICE-O 🙂

  • ICE-O results

    Friday-Sprint Results / Splits Saturday-Long Results / Splits Sunday-Middle Results / Splits

  • Startlist updated

    Due to participaters flights and other arrangements the starting list has been updated today. Make sure you have the right starting time. Check it here

  • Next ICE-O information letter

    Dear participant, CLICK HERE TO GET THE LATEST INFORMATION LETTER. we are looking forward to seeing you in Reykjavik on Friday. If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone. +354-8952409

  • ICE-O info

    Now we are getting real close. There are over 100 partissipants regestered as of now and we are hoping for a good competition. You can find the weather forcast here: or or so far it is looking OK, we can expect some shower but we should get good running weather. Some information for you. We have moved the […]

  • ICE-O Info

    Dear partissipant, We now have just under 100 partissipants for this years ICE-O. We have sent out our first information letter using the emails you registered. If you did not recive it please send us a mail at Or you can click here to download it! ICEOinfo Our sponsore has also put together an […]

  • New nation to ICE-O

    We are now 63 participants signed up for ICE-O and a new nation has joined! Welcome Latvia!!!

  • We are now more than 50 participants

    We have two new countries registered for ICE-O! We have also gotten more than 50 registrations which is more than twice as many as last years ICE-O.

  • ICE-O 2011 and the eruption

    An eruption started in Grímsvötn underneath glacier Vatnajökull on Saturday around 7 PM. The volcano is spewing large amounts of ash up to 33-35 thousand feet. Grímsvötn is Iceland’s most active volcano. Usually the eruptions occur at an interval of a few years. Most of these eruptions last a few day. The eruption is very […]

  • Kretsløp í Bø

    Í dag tók ég, Gísli, þátt í fylkismóti í Telemark í bænum Bø.  Það voru um 200 þátttakendur sem tóku þátt í hlaupinu og ég ákvað að hlaupa stutta erfiða braut 4,0 km. Það voru 17 sem hlupum mína braut og ég endaði í 13 sæti með tíman 59:28 en besti tíminn var 34:47. Hér […]