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  • ICE-O 2010

    Results Information Photos ICE-O 2010 June 4 and 5, 2010 Laugardalur and Heiðmörk Shortly after the Orienteering Club Hekla was founded, being the first Icelandic club, first  international orienteering event in Iceland, ICE-O, was helt in Reykjavík. This was a two-day-event. Friday sprint courses were hosted in Laugardalur valley and classical courses were set up […]

  • Heiðmörk Map

    Scale: 1:10 000 Contours: 2,5 m Size: A4 Authors: Jan Gaute Buvik (2010), Morten Lassen, Lotte Hjort Year: summer 2013 Area: 4,62 km² The first map of this area was drawn by Jan Gaute Buvik in Mars 2010. The map was in the same scale with contours 5. As vegetation is growing and changing very […]

  • Elliðaárdalur Map

    Scale: 1:7 500 Contours: 2 m Size: A4 Authors: Markus Puusepp Year: July 2011 Area: 1,78 km² A map of Elliðaárdalur Valley was among the first orienteering maps made in Iceland by Per-Ola Olsson in 1997. This was in the scale 1:10 000. In July 2011 Markus Puusepp made a new enlarged (by 65%) map […]

  • Hafnarfjörður Map

    Scale: 1:4000 Contours: 2 m Size: A4 Authors:  Morten Lassen and Lotte Hjort Year: 2013, according to  ISSOM 2007; revised summer 2014 Area: 0,74 km2 Friday sprint event will be hosted in the town of Hafnarfjörður. Hafnarfjörður is an old harbour town within the Capital conurbation. It is the third largest town in Iceland, nicknamed The Town in Lava. Next […]