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  1. Ulf Meriheinä says:

    When will you supply more info? and when will the entries be open?

  2. Martti Alilonttinen says:

    When we get more information about event.

  3. Michel says:

    Hi Gisli,
    have You more information about ICE-O 2017, especially the race venues?
    Best regard

  4. Simo Sukselainen says:

    We are a group of 6-8 orienteers from Finland who would like to join ICE-O 2017.
    Could you please confirm there will be that race 23-25june2017?
    We would like to buy flight tickets (before price increases), but want to be sure there will be races 🙂

  5. Tanja-Birgit Söderström says:

    Do you have any information on travel, suggested lodging options, tourist attractions/activities in connection with 2017 ICE-O?

  6. Sandra Bergant Vidakovic says:

    Im interested in O- race in june 2017. Do you have category for w12?

    Regards from Croatia. Sandra

  7. Tim0o Rapakko says:

    Dear sir,
    I think to come to your orienteeringcompetition 23.-25.6.2017.
    Can you organize accomandation for me and my wife ? Not expensive, and breakfast, if it is possible.
    We thought time 22. – 27.6. ?
    by thanking for your answer
    Timo Rapakko

  8. Gunilla Sahl says:

    I have seen that you earlier years have been offering accommodation at a local club house.
    Same possibility this year? Or can you suggest something else?

    Best regards
    Gunilla Sahl / Sweden

  9. Tim0o Rapakko says:

    Wherefrom we can see entrylists ?

    Best regards

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