ICE-O 2016 Information (NATLOC 2016)

ICE-O 2016 will be held in Reykjavík 11th-14 August 2016 and this year it will host NATLOC 2016

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ICE-O is the biggest orienteering event annually organized by the local club Rathlaupafélagið Hekla since 2010.

ICE-O offers you great orienteering holiday in unique landscape.

See picture from lasts events


Thursday, 11th August – registration opens at 4.30 p.m. at the event center in Öskjuhlíð

Thursday, 11th August – Warm up orienteering in Öskjuhlíð, any time between 17.00 and 19.00

Friday, 12th August – classic in Úlfljótsvatn, first start at 15 p.m.

Saturday, 13th August– middle distance in Heimörk vestur, first start at 11 a.m.

Sunday, 14th August – middle distance in Rauðavatn, Reykjavík, first start at 10 a.m.

Registration and payments

Online registration is open until Thursday, 10th August. Registration at the location (before first starting time on each day) will be possible for selected courses.

All entries

Online payment when you register is prefered.

Online payment link


D21, H21, D17-20 , H17-20 , D16-14, H16-14, D12, H12, D10, H10, D40, H40, D50, H50, D60, H60, D70, H70,


ICE-O 4 day – adult (17+) €60, child €30

ICE-O 1 day – adult (17+) €20, child €10

Late registration after 31st July 50% higer


Öskjuhlíð – 1:5000, E 2m, 2011,revised 2013 sprint norm (Map maker: Christian MaL, Markus Pusepp)

Úlfjótsvatn – 1:7500, E 5m, 2013, (Map maker: Jussi Silvennoinen)

Heiðmörk vestur – 1:7500, E 2,5m, 2015, (Map maker: Zdeněk Sokolář)

Ruðavatn – 1:10000, E 2m, 2011(Map maker: Jussi Silvennoinen)


On Friday, the long distance event will take place in Úlfljótvatn, 40 km from Reykjavík. The area of Ulfljotsvatn consists of a big hill (height difference 150 m) with a plenty of erosion valleys. Mainly open terrain with a very good runability, but in some places also bushes of birches and small pine forests. Only a few paths. Magnificent views to the mountains far in east, and the Ulfljotsvatn lake just in the front.

On Saturday, the middle distance event will take place in Heiðmörk forest on the Capital’s suburb. Many thickets, lupina grown areas, small ridges, bare rocks will provide good course options. However the highlight and probably the biggest challenge for those not used to orienteering in Iceland, will be a lave field with many details and hard to run surface in the map’s eastern part.

On Sunday, the middle distance event will take place at Rauðvatn on the Capital’s suburb. Raudavatn is a technical area beside the town. Many hills (HD 70 m), many paths, a lot of rocky details (cliffs, boulders, bare rock). 50 % open terrain with very good runability, 50 % forested area (mainly dense pine forest) and in some slopes thick lupina areas. And from almost every corner of the map you can see Reykjavik and the sea just below you.


Timing and controlling

SPORTident equipment. Renting possible (€6 for the whole event).

Training maps

You can buy training maps from our club, € 7 for three maps of area in and around Reykjavík. Contact us for more details.


Basic accommodation will be available at a local scout club house in Reykjavík. There is room for 25-35 people in five different rooms (5-7 in each room), thus early registration is recommended. There are mattresses in the rooms but no linen. A kitchen,toilets, shower and free internet is available.

Price per night is €15 per person.


Transportation will be arranged for a fee  to and from the event on Friday, Saturday and to the event center on Sunday.

Friday – € 30
Saturday – € 15
Sunday – € 15

Public transport can be used on Thursday.

There is a free parking close to each of the event centers.


27 responses to “ICE-O 2016 Information (NATLOC 2016)”

  1. I am thinking of going to your event. I would like to use a hotel or hostel where I can have a room of my own. Can you suggest a location I could look in which would give me easy access to the events.



    • Dear Tony,
      thank you for your interest in ICE-O 2015, it will be our pleasure to show you a piece of Iceland through an orienteering map.
      Any accommodation within the Reykjavík City Center should suit you well.
      The Friday event in Hafnarfjörður is easily accessible by public transport, for Saturday and Sunday we offer transport from Reykjavík City Centre and the town of Garðabær for a small fee.

  2. We are two experienced orienteers from Vancouver (M70 and W65) who are happy to volunteer for ICE-O in any way you require. We both have experience setting up events, working on the Start, collecting controls, timing, etc.
    We are looking forward to visiting Iceland for the first time in 2015. Happy New Year!
    Margaret and Brian Ellis

  3. We are a Group from Norway – 11 persons – already sign in for the races.
    Can you recommand a hotell in Reykjavik for us? We need five dobbelroms and one signel room, or an apartment for all eleven. Breakfast is wanted.

    • Dear Grete,
      you can find a good overview of possible accommodation at this link:
      Any accommodation within the Reykjavík City Center should suit you well.
      The Friday event in Hafnarfjörður is easily accessible by public transport, for Saturday and Sunday we offer transport from Reykjavík City Centre and the town of Garðabær for a small fee.

  4. Hi, I’m travelling from Australia and staying in the city. Where is the bus to events leaving from.
    Regards Greg

    • Dear Greg,
      you can expect an information letter in a week time with all the details. We try to find the best pick-up place in a short walking distance for most competitors staying in the city center.
      Looking forward to running with you at ICE-O.

      • Thanks Dana. Do i need to book the bus now as i didn’t do that with my entry.
        Regards Greg

  5. Hej!
    In the information above the fee is €20 for a single day (until 1st June) but when I follow the link for online payment it says €25. Why?

    • We booked our trip to Iceland long ago and only recently did we find this event. We will arrive at Keflavik 09.10 AM June 28th. Do you think we will make in time? (The rented car should be waiting for us.)

      • Dear Jakob,
        if your flight is on time and your car ready at the airport, you should make it as the drive takes about 50 minutes. Ask for late starting time in the registration form.
        Hope everything will go well and we will see you here at ICE-O 2015.

    • Hej Jakob,

      It should have been 20 euros like says in the information above. We are sorry about this, but you can pay when you arrive because of this blunder. But please register beforehand.


  6. My name is not on the list of registered participants June 1st. I have confirmation of payment email dated 10 February 2015.

  7. Hi,
    I did not find the location of event center.
    I’ll come 25/06.
    I’ve ordered accommodation in scout club house.
    Should I go to event center to register or I can go to accommodation place?
    Best regards

    • Dear Oleksandr,
      I’ve sent you an e-mail.
      As you are arriving on Thursday, you can go straight to the accommodation place, the registration will take place on Friday afternoon.

    • Sorry for the late reply. But the NATLOC/ICE-O event will be 11-14th of August. We will soon post more information on our webiste about the event.
      best regards

    • We will soon post more information on the next ICE-O event. But the dates are set 11-14th of August.

      best regards

    • The event center in Öskjuhlíð will be at our Club house, right next to the Nautholsvík beach and University of Reykjavík.

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